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How Often Should You Wax Your Car?

Waxing your car is a big chore, but it’s something that any responsible car owner knows they have to do. There’s nothing quite like that “just waxed look”. It’s so fresh and shiney and everyone is looking at your car as you drive down the road. So, how often should

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How Do You Remove Bird Poop From Your Car?

There’s nothing like going outside to get a nice shiny car only to find that it has bird droppings all over it. These bird droppings are not just annoying and disgusting, they can also do actual damage to the vehicle. Bird poop can destroy the paintwork of your car quickly

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How Do You Remove Bugs From Your Car?

If you’re an avid traveler or use your car often, you’re eventually going to have dead bugs littered all over your car’s exterior and the windshield. This situation might seem especially familiar if you take long road trips or drive during seasons that insects love, such as fall or spring.

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How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

Some people take pride in washing their cars, whereas other folks see it as an unnecessary chore. When it comes to vehicle care, washing it is an incredibly important task. It preserves your investment over the years, which leads to a bigger return if you sell the vehicle. How often

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