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How Do You Remove Tar From Your Car?

It is gooey and sticky and exudes an awful odor when first laid down. Perhaps what’s worse, it can get on everything in its immediate area, and be inherently stubborn when it’s time to get it off. Based on the title of this blog post, you should have guessed by

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How To Remove Rust From Your Car

Rust is still a major problem in aging automobiles. Although rust protection has substantially improved with the introduction of galvanized steel during the mid-70s and 80s among all the major auto manufacturers, it is still a problem.  It is particularly a problem in areas where they use a lot of

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What’s The Best Way To Dry Your Car?

Cars are a focal point where many areas in our lives intersect. They provide us with a hobby and take us to new ones, they allow us to express ourselves and to be creative, but most of all, cars give us a chance to embrace new experiences. Regardless of the

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How To Wash Your Car Like a Pro

You love your car and would do anything to keep it in good condition, right? When it gets dirty, you’ll probably spend a good amount of money taking it to a professional car wash. However, you can actually wash your car yourself with the same results as you’d get from

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How To Wax Your Car By Hand

When you buy a brand-new vehicle, you are in love with that showroom finish. You like to drive it around and show it off to the town. Your vehicle has presence and draws positive attention to you wherever you go. However, as soon as you drive it off the lot,

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How Do You Clean Leather Car Seats?

If you?ve landed yourself on this page voluntarily, then that must mean that you value your car a lot. You?re most likely one of those people that care a lot for his car, and we can?t blame you as these things are expensive. It?s relatively easy to clean the exterior

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